Square Open Cell

Open Grid
The MATADOR™ Square Open Cell false ceiling is comprised of a ‘U’ shaped blades that clamp onto each other to form a false ceiling with characteristics that give your space a unique design. It does so by allowing for indirect infusion of natural artificial light together with a visual of the ceiling plenum. They are great if the desired outcome is to create a spacious appearance which emits the feeling of openness and spaciousness. It is a versatile product as the shape of your open grid could be customized with different cell dimensions; Square, rectangular or a mixture of


Raw Material

Aluminium Alloy 3000 series complying with (ASTM B 209M)


CELL SIZE: 50 x 50 / 60 x 60 / 75 x 75 / 86 x 86 / 100 x 100 / 120 x 120 / 150 x 150 / 200 x 200 / 300 x 300
BLADE HEIGHT: 40 or 50 mm


Aluminium: 0.5 – 0.7

Surface Finish

Plain or Perforated


Acoustic Black Fleece; Royalin®; Heat bonded nonwoven and non-flammable sound-absorbent acoustic black felt with surface-burning characteristics for flame-spread index = 5 and smoke-developed index = 25 as per ASTM E84.


Polyester Coating: (5µ (Back) + 20µ (Face)).
Polyester Powder Coating: (70µ -80µ)

High Performance Coatings like PESDF, PVDF and POLYAMIDE are available upon request.


Square Edge


Continuous cell or T-grid system



Tested and compliant for noise reduction, sound absorption and sound attenuation.
Acoustic Black Fleece only: Maximum NRC = 0.80 as per ASTM C423.
DNCW = 46 as per BS EN 20140-9.
Acoustic Black Fleece with Rockwool as per ASTM C612 has a maximum NRC = 0.98.
Maximum CAC achieved: 46 db.


Stove enameled finish with anti-bacterial properties that prohibits bacterial growth as per JIS Z2801:2000

Fire Performance

Non-Combustible as per BS 476: Part 6.
Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 7.
Black Fleece is Non-Flammable Class A as per ASTM E84.

Light Reflectance

The light reflectance of the ceiling is 0.85 and tested as per ASTM E 1477

Humidity & Corosion

Humidity Resistance = 95% as per ASTM D2477
Corrosion Resistance as per ASTM B 117-73, salt spray tested for 1000 hours.


Environmentally friendly material with processes contributing to LEED-NC building requirements

Colour Finishes

Technical Drawing

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