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The MATADOR™ lay-in tile is a provides an effective and economical solution to many ceiling requirements. It is the simplest and quickest product which can be installed, best suited when regular access is required. Installed by merely laying the tile onto the grid and removing by simply lifting the tile into the void space. This is also the tile that is most suitable for corridor application. This system creates a modular arrangement with the tiles with several grid designs to choose from: T-15 or T-24 grid; recessed of flat or the Eliteline grooved exposed grid.


Raw Material

Aluminium Alloy 3000 series complying with (ASTM B 209M) or
Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel complying with ASTM A653; Zinc coating as per requested.

Standard: Z120/G40


300 x 300 mm / 300 x 600 mm / 300 x 1200 mm / 300 x 1800 mm / 600 x 600 mm / 600 x 1200 mm / 600 x 1800 mm / 1200 x 1200 mm

+ custom sizes available upon request


Aluminium: 0.5 – 0.8 and
Galvanized Steel: 0.5 – 0.7

Surface Finish

Plain or Perforated


Acoustic Black Fleece; Royalin®; Heat bonded nonwoven and non-flammable sound-absorbent acoustic black felt with surface-burning characteristics for flame-spread index = 5 and smoke-developed index = 25 as per ASTM E84.

Rockwool blocks; Conforming to ASTM C612 and equivalent BS 3958-5 are provided for acoustic Insulation and fire hazard.


Polyester Coating: (5µ (Back) + 20µ (Face)).
Polyester Powder Coating: (70µ -80µ)

High Performance Coatings like PESDF, PVDF and POLYAMIDE are available upon request.


Beveled or Square Edge with various drop appearances; Eliteline, Recessed or Flat


T-grid 15 or 24 mm which can be recessed or flat. Eliteline exposed modular system. Exposed Beam Grid system.



Tested and compliant for noise reduction, sound absorption and sound attenuation.
Acoustic Black Fleece only: Maximum NRC = 0.80 as per ASTM C423.
DNCW = 46 as per BS EN 20140-9.
Acoustic Black Fleece with Rockwool as per ASTM C612 has a maximum NRC = 0.98.
Maximum CAC achieved: 46 db.


Stove enameled finish with anti-bacterial properties that prohibits bacterial growth as per JIS Z2801:2000

Fire Performance

Non-Combustible as per BS 476: Part 6.
Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame as per BS 476 Part 7.
Black Fleece is Non-Flammable Class A as per ASTM E84.

Light Reflectance

The light reflectance of the ceiling is 0.85 and tested as per ASTM E 1477

Humidity & Corrosion

Humidity Resistance = 95% as per ASTM D2477
Corrosion Resistance as per ASTM B 117-73, salt spray tested for 1000 hours.


Environmentally friendly material with processes contributing to LEED-NC building requirements


RAL Colour
Wooden Finish
Special Finish

Technical Drawing