Tiles – 3D

The MATADOR™ 3D false ceiling is a unique design that brings together an atmosphere of creativity and innovation to your desired space. The physics of the design is simple and is based on the Lay-in type ceiling and installed onto a T-grid system. Half of the tiles have a longer depth than their neighbor so […]

Tiles – Hook-On

The MATADOR™ Hook-on tile is used when a strong and rigid support system is required. The tiles will have a double bent edge at one end to form a hook to engage the Z-Profile and single bend at the opposite end. It is the optimum system for supporting large tiles and long planks. The hook-on […]

Tiles – Lay-In

The MATADOR™ lay-in tile is a provides an effective and economical solution to many ceiling requirements. It is the simplest and quickest product which can be installed, best suited when regular access is required. Installed by merely laying the tile onto the grid and removing by simply lifting the tile into the void space. This […]

Tiles – Clip-In

The MATADOR™ clip-in tile is a classic false ceiling product which is simple and cost effective. They are Metal panels which are fully accessible with a concealed suspension System complying with ASTM E1264 Classifications. It offers a concealed appearance, downward accessibility along with exceptional acoustical properties. The tiles are leveled in the T-spring carrier via […]