Strips – SS

The MATADOR™ SS-strip is simple and functional. The system consists of self-supported panels fixed to edge trims at the perimeters allowing for all panels to be removed individually. It is mainly used as a solution for corridors, hallways and areas where the soffit is low or services are required frequently.

Strips – 300C

The MATADOR™ 300C-strip holds a dynamic look that fit perfectly for larger spaces and open areas like conference halls, malls or airports. Having a 300 mm wide module results in a smooth-like appearance for the occupied space. This false ceiling has a beveled edge which gives it more curve and no gap or groove to […]

Strips – 300A

The MATADOR™ 300A strip is a closed system that is suitable for both interior and exterior application, easy to install with no fasteners required. Their carriers are designed to withstand positive and negative wind loads. It is a fully demountable modular strip that is clipped into a concealed standard suspension system.

Strips – 200F

The MATADOR™ 200F Strip is the ideal product for an exterior application of linear-type false ceiling. Their hook-like edges allow for excellent stability during windy weather conditions that guarantee the ceiling stays in place. They are fully demountable panels that allow for full access to services and equipment in the plenum, complying with ASTM E […]

Strips – 84R


The MATADOR™ 84R-Strip ceiling is known for its fluid appearance, versatility and simple method of installation. Its rounded shape and wide-open joints increase the linear aesthetic of the ceiling which deliver a directional effect to a given space. The panels are easily demountable and are effective both internally or externally. The Strip is designed to […]

Strips – S

The MATADOR™ S-Strip is the standard linear false ceiling product. They are light weight, easy to maintain and readily demountable making them the perfect product for an internal decorative linear-shape ceiling finish. This product’s width comes in a variety of sizes with a 20 mm closed groove between each strip giving the false ceiling a […]