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Our Story

Since its initiation in 1986, Marconi Metal Industries has become a pioneer in its field by manufacturing it’s false ceiling products; under the brand name MATADOR™ and providing architectural solutions to its clientele. It’s founder and CEO, Mr. Souheil Hatoum left his home in 1984 Beirut, Lebanon and arrived at the United Arab Emirates with nothing more than 200 USD in his pocket; no job, no living space and one friend. Within a few years with consistent dedication and vigorousness, he and his brother Mr. Sami Hatoum were able to establish a name for their company, being one of the first innovators and implementors that lead the transition, in the market, from plastic to aluminium false ceilings. The founding company was called ‘Marconi Inter Design’ which provided an installation service as well as offering solutions for architectural designs and projects via its engineering team lead by co-founder Mr. Sami Hatoum. After stabilizing itself as an establishment, it expanded by forming a sister company called ‘Marconi Metal Industries’ and became the first local manufacturer to produce aluminium false ceiling panels with its relevant suspension system. Today, over 30 years later, Marconi ‘Metal’ and ‘Design’ are still leaders in the industry and are the only company, in the United Arab Emirates that runs both the manufacturing and installation of metal false ceiling products.

Marconi prides itself on its consistency to provide outstanding products which meet performance and quality international standards, whilst working with Designers, Consultants, Contractors and Architects to manage design, functionality, durability and acoustics from specification to installation. Furthermore, throughout the 30 years Mr. Souheil Hatoum’s Entrepreneurialism has implemented an upstream integration strategy by establishing an Aluminium Coil Coating factory and a Galvanizing cold rolling steel mill, here in the U.A.E; United Metal Coating and United Iron and Steel, respectively. These 2 establishments create the Aluminium and Galvanized steel coils which are used to make metal false ceilings. This further strengthens our brand and its credibility by assuring our customers that quality is to the highest of standards.


Becoming the most renowned false ceiling manufacturer in the region through innovation and creation of standard or bespoke ceilings.


Partner actively with our customers to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that help increase productivity, reduce costs and instill life to any given space.


Working together with clients to bring forward a value-generating corporation that guarantees Quality, Care and Support through engineering and aesthetics.

The five C’s that molded Marconi into metal​

Market Presence

Local production | Global distribution

All processes are 100% made in the UAE.

Marconi Metal’s arm reaches, but is not limited to, the whole of the middle eastern region. We manufacture, design and support local and international dealers, designers and retailers with technical assistance and sales consultancy from our base in Dubai. We do that by via a production chain that controls and certifies a supply chain from raw material to the finished good.


Local production | Global distribution



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