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Integrated Solutions

To be the best, you must have the capabilities to design and conform to any specifications that come your way. Here at Marconi, we have comprised a many viable solutions to meet all the requirements for your project. The integrated solutions seen here are the most commonly searched for by consultants and contractors. We strive to achieve and meet your need. Do not hesitate to contact us as we praise our self for having an unbeatable response time to any enquiry.


Aesthetics and Acoustics, together, to bring happiness to your students.

Schools and universities can get quite loud at times, especially where children are involved. So, the acoustical treatment to any school environment should be a leading priority; being applied specifically in classrooms, halls, auditoriums, and gymnasiums. Of course we must not forgo the aesthetical design of the space, for a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, via aesthetics, would keep students and staff at ease and willful to study and work hard. Marconi Metal has in its chamber a variety of solutions that bring forth noise reduction treatment infused in its beautifully designed false ceilings.


When ceilings meet healing, a mission to ensure the safety of your patients.

The necessity of a bacteria-free environment is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect considered when designing false ceilings for the Healthcare industry. Since our raw materials are sourced directly from our sister companies ‘United Metal Coating’ and ‘United Iron & Steel’, we guarantee that your false ceilings are made of supreme quality with the most advanced anti-bacterial coating paint that technology can provide. Marconi Metal Healthcare solutions will advise you on the most suitable ceiling for your project; taking into consideration how to minimize dust and bacterial build-up whilst minimizing maintenance services; saving both time and money.

Shade Control

Take control of the heat by placing shade where you need.

We all know what its like when the summer heat is upon us or the sunlight is our eyes, it is unbearable. We are currently developing a shade control system that is comprised of hook-on strips that are hung diagonally on the carrier greatly reducing sunlight transmission on the space below. Structurally rigid incase of strong winds and painted with UV resistance, it will be able to meet the needs of spaces like parking lots, stadiums, building windows and other open areas.


Eloquent lighting masked with modernity and simplicity to illuminate your space.

Sometimes it gets difficult to integrate the lighting into your ceiling structure whilst maintaining the aesthetics and design you have worked to vigorously to achieve. The Frustration that dwells on you because of it is understood here at Marconi Metal. That’s why we have created Marconi Lighting solutions that bring forth a comprehensive assortment of integrated linear, downlight and cove solutions to brighten up your interior or exterior spaces with an unswerving fit and finish when using our MATADOR® false ceilings.